Whitening Central Coast

Whitening Central Coast

Restore Vibrance to Your Teeth with Whitening on the Central Coast

Considering how often we drink coffee, tea, wine, and eat foods that stain our teeth, it’s no surprise that services for whitening on the Central Coast are more popular than ever. If you’ve considered this service in the past but balked at it due to the high cost, then you’re in luck. Niagara Park Dental is home to an experienced dentist who offers high-quality services that can cost up to twice as much elsewhere. Please continue reading below to learn about our approach to teeth whitening and how our experience creates exceptional results.

How Teeth Whitening in Niagara Can Change Your Perspective

Many people have preconceptions about teeth whitening and what point it serves. While some of those notions are correct, others are not, and the service deserves some additional clarity:

  • Whitening is not a ‘once-and-done’ treatment, but it is something that improves over time with consistent treatments. No matter how diligent we are about our dental habits, it’s inevitable that we stain our teeth with food and drink. You can maintain a fresh, white smile by occasional treatments once you’ve reached a good baseline.
  • In some cases, teeth are either too sensitive or too deeply stained to whiten with external chemicals. For those situations, we can recommend veneers to reinforce your teeth. Veneers on the Central Coast also have the advantage of strengthening your teeth and resolving chipped teeth or gaps. This effective technology is ideal for those whose teeth need more potent solutions.
  • You can whiten your teeth with dental bleaching, home bleaching, or both. Office bleaching is quicker due to the controlled conditions, and it can even incorporate an abrasive for more effective results. Home bleaching involves first making a model of your teeth and creating a tray shaped around them. You apply the whitening chemicals to the tray and then wear it for half an hour, 8 hours, or overnight, depending on your specific treatment.

Related Services We Provide to Teeth Whitening

Niagara Park Dental is a full-service dentist, including cosmetic treatments and dental surgery:

  • Implants and fillings can help you when your teeth have suffered cavities or other damage. Where possible, we’ll fill the gaps to preserve the rest of the tooth. If the damage is too extensive and requires extraction, we can replace it with a dental implant.
  • Root canals and wisdom teeth removal can help you manage chronic pain and conditions that may worsen over time. When properly diagnosed, these treatments may provide substantial relief.
  • Basic check-up services for individuals or families. We recommend visiting once every six months for standard plaque removal, clean-up, and inspection to ensure that your teeth are in good shape.
  • Mouthguards, dentures, and overdentures can help protect your teeth from wear and tear due to sports or migrating teeth. The dentures are particularly helpful for those who have lost some or all their natural teeth over time. Regardless of the cause, our dentures can help to restore normal function.

Our full list of services includes several others, such as fissure sealants, amalgam removal, inlays, onlays, crowns, and children’s dentistry.

Fast Facts About Niagara Park Dental

For nearly ten years, Niagara Park Dental has been serving the local community. Our experienced team includes an efficient dentist with over 20 years of personal experience in all areas of dentistry. We’re committed to offering relevant advice to our patients, including advising against procedures that seem unnecessary. We believe that good advice today results in effective dental treatment and long term loyalty for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment, and we’ll help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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