Ultrasonic cleaners

Dental Ultrasonic Scaling

The process of dental cleaning involves something called “scaling”. That term is used to describe the procedure of cleaning teeth with a device called Ultrasonic Scaler. As the name implies, it moves fast, very fast. The Scaler is very effective in removing the tartar (calculus) build up from your teeth.

They can reach places out of reach for your tooth brush, like between the teeth or under the gum line.

The calculus build up is the first step to gum problems, so scaling definitely saves your gums, and lets you enjoy happier cleaner mouth.

Before the advent of these Scalers, removal of calculus was a tedious job done manually using hand instruments.

The technology was introduced in the 1950s and was advocated first to clean the outer layers of the tooth, but since then, it developed and proven effective and safe to use even under the gum line. They used to be operated by a device on their own, but now all modern day dental treatment units come equiped with a Scaler.

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 Manual scaling

Scalers work by vibrating with high energy, thus crushing and removing plaque and calculus. The resulting shockwaves also tend to disrupt bacterial cell function. Water is accompanied, to flush away the dislodged calculus, and to cool the instrument preventing heat damage to teeth and gums.

The advantages they offer over manual scaling:

– More effective.

– Reach more areas like deep pockets and under gum lines.

 Faster than manual scaling, saving both the patient and dentist plenty of time.

However, they are not bereft of disadvantages:

– They cause tooth sensitivity, that is usually short lived and manageable.

– If used over-zealoulsy, they scratch the surface of the tooth, making it more inviting to Plaque formation.

– They might crack porcelain crowns.

– They might damage implant surfaces.

– They should be used with caution in patient with cardiac pacemakers.


Ultrasonic Scalers are very effective and ensure you have a healthy gum, but they need to be wielded by an expert hand.

Tell us about your experience when you get your teeth cleaned by a Scaler. How does it feel, during, and after the procedure.

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