Topical fluoride, does it work?

When you bring your children to us, for routine dental clean and check, chances are we will conclude the treatment with fluoride application.

Does it work? what is the science behind it?

Fluoride changes the shape of teeth while developing to have shallower fissures. Making them less retentive to decay-causing bacteria. It also strengthens the teeth and makes enamel more resistant to acid.

Are there any studies on the effect?

A study done recently reviewed all the evidence on the safety and effectiveness of fluoride gel for the prevention of tooth decay in children and adolescents.

The results showed advantages for topical treatment. The review assessed evidence from 28 scientific studies in which over 9000 children (aged 2 to 15 years) were included. On average there was a 28% reduction in decayed, missing and filled tooth surfaces for children who received topical fluoride treatment. Studies that looked specifically at first or baby teeth showed a 20% reduction. The authors of the review concluded that the application of fluoride gel results in a large reduction in tooth decay in both permanent and baby teeth.



The evidence is out there that topical fluoride does work. Make sure your children get their application.


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