The tooth structure

The tooth is a vital tissue. It is more than what you see in your mouth. It even has a nerve inside of it.

Teeth also respond to their ambiance, and they change structure with time.

This article shows the structure of a tooth.

Gross anatomy:

The tooth is composed of two parts:

1- Crown: this is the part we use to chew food with and we can see it extruding out of the gums. It is covered with Enamel.

2- Root(s): this is the part of the tooth that holds it in place and is embedded in the jaw bone. Some teeth have one root, other two, three, even four and five.



Now let us cut through a tooth and see what we find:

1- We will find a top layer called Enamel, and this is the hardest tissue in a living body. Made up of Calcium Phosphate minerals. The cells that make the Enamel are lost once it erupts. Any Enamel lost is lost forever.

2- Dentine, this makes up the body of the tooth and covered with Enamel in the crown part of the tooth. It is nine times softer than Enamel. That is why the Enamel is considered the helmet of your teeth, so don’t lose it. It is a vital tissue that has nerve endings in the deepest layers of it.. It also responds to stimuli and is constantly being built towards the centre of the tooth.

3- Pulp. This is the centre of the tooth. It is a tissue that has blood vessels, nerves, and lymph vessels.

4- Cementum. This is a layer that covers the root part of the tooth.

Types of Teeth


1- Incisors: The front middle four teeth on the top and bottom of the arch. They cut food with their chisel shape.\

2- Canines. They are pointy, to enable tearing into food.

3- Premolars  also known as bicuspids, have two cusps that are used for tearing and crushing food.

4- Molars They have multiple cusps which are useful for grinding food.



Teeth are vital tissues and they are all form a part of a functioning body. Every single one is important and has a role. Make sure to do your best to look after them.


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