Sports Mouth Guards Treatment

Clenching of teeth can occur subconsciously during sleep. This is called Bruxsim. It leads to tooth wear and can be severe enough to cause exposure of the nerves, leading to pain and expensive treatment. It can also cause problems in the jaw joint – Temporomandibular joint.

How can you tell if you clench your teeth?
1- Grinding noise heard by partner at night.

2- Broken or chipped teeth.

3- Clicking sound in the joint while eating or opening mouth.

4- Sensitive teeth to hot and cold.

5- Tension headaches.

6- Wear facets as detected by the dentist on routine check up.

Many treatment modalities have been suggested, but the most successful, and convenient is the use of a night-guard, the most used variety of which is called Myoclenching Inhibitor. It is small and covers only the front teeth.

Contact sports always carry the risk of breaking teeth and damaging them, so it is advisable to get into the habit of wearing sports mouth guards whenever playing sports, for any age group. Even non-contact sports might carry the risk, like bicycle riding where a fall into the face might be devastating to the teeth.

MCIdiagram of MCI splintguards


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