Root Canal Treatment & Therapy

The tooth is a vital tissue that has an inner blood supply and nerves residing inside the tooth.

The tooth is formed by a material called Dentine. In the crown part of the tooth, the Dentine is covered by a white tissue called Enamel. Within the Dentine there is a space called the Pulp. The pulp consists of a connective tissue containing nerves, and blood vessels. The pulp in the crown part of the tooth forms a chamber, then at the base divides into canals that go into individual roots of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatments (Endodontic)

As decay progresses towards the pulp:

1- just before the decay reaches the pulp, the tissues get inflamed and respond with pain.

2- If the tooth doesn’t get treated, the tissues of the pulp start disintegrating and the infection spreads through the canals in the roots, all the way to the apex of the tooth, where an abscess starts developing.
The treatment for these two cases is Root Canal Therapy.

In Root Canal Therapy, before restoring the tooth,we have to trace the tissues within the canals in the roots all the way to the apex of the tooth.

– We use files of various sizes that debride the canals from the inside, to make them wider and cleaner.
– The enlarged canals are then packed with an anti-bacterial filling material, which is called Gutta Percha and is a rubbery material.


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