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Family dentist at Niagara Park

As your family dentist at Niagara Park, we try to make the child’s visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. We focus on prevention rather than extensive traumatic procedures, however if intervention is required we believe the key is providing the adequate ambiance, to motivate the child to accept treatment. The trauma from dental treatment will be long lived, so we make sure such trauma is not inflicted upon the child.

Your child’s dental visit to a family dentist might be covered by Medicare Children Dental Benefits Schedule.

Click here for more info about the schedule on the Department of Human Services or download their PDF

You can also send us an enquiry and we will check if your child is eligible. Fill in the form below.

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Our vision

Our vision is to make high quality implants affordable. People who lose teeth, and need implants, must find affordable options. When someone needs dentures, every denture-using person must have an implant-retained denture as the standard of care. Implants are simple. A tooth breaking, requiring a crown urgently, should not break your budget.

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