Tooth Extractions

No one likes to lose a tooth, but unfortunately sometimes tooth extraction is a must, and we need to pull out a tooth in cases when:

A tooth is damaged beyond repair. If the margins of the decay are deep under the gum line, then a filling is not possible.
Advanced gum problems exist. The gums and the bone support the tooth, if these are in bad condition the tooth will be lost.
We need to make space for better alignment of teeth. Sometimes we need to pull out teeth to make room for the other teeth in order to have better alignment.
A tooth is cracked. If for one reason or another a tooth gets a crack that goes deep under the gum, the tooth might be beyond repair.
A tooth is non-functional. Sometimes a tooth might not be grinding against an opposing tooth, like a wisdom tooth growing towards the gum, then it is better to pull the tooth out.

Dental Extraction Services

Complications of extractions:

Bleeding: after pulling out a tooth, the bone socket and gums will bleed. To stop the bleeding, a pack of gauze is used.
Dry socket: it is of unknown cause, but smoking might be an important factor. It is a painful condition that typically starts two days after an extraction. If you feel pain after two days of extraction talk to us, chances are you have a dry socket that needs rinsing and a dressing.
Infection: sometimes a swelling might develop caused by infection in the socket.
Numbness: altered sensation of the nerves might occur which can be transient, but in rare cases can be permanent.
Breakage of adjacent tooth or filling or crown.

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