Implants are simple

What do we mean by simple?

In this context simple as opposed to painful.

Many people think that having an implant is just a painful dental procedure.

However, the procedure is not painful.

It is done under local anesthesia, and it does not involve drilling as such, but gently preparing the jaw bone for the implant.

What does that mean?

This means that if you need an implant or were advised of having one, the most important factor making you refrain from proceeding is fear of pain.

The reality:

Implant procedure is not painful at all. On the day of the procedure, everything is done under local anesthesia, so just like having a filling, you will not feel a thing.

After the numbing wears off, some discomfort is expected. If the procedure involved lots of bone trimming – which is not that common at all – some pain might develop, but this pain is easily managed with some pain killers, it is not a toothache.



If you are holding back on having an implant because of fear of pain, then rest assured the procedure is not painful. No need to hold back.

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