Implants and their versatility

Implants are one of the options to replace missing tooth or teeth. This post will discuss one aspect of implants, which is their versatility. For more information on implants, check our services page. More articles can be found in our blog as well.

– When using an implant, no need to do the steps back to back immediately. You can place the fixture into bone, and leave it. The presence of the fixture in the bone helps prevent further bone loss. This is useful especially to make the payment for the procedure expand over longer period of time. The following steps of placing an abutment with the crown can be done later.



– When implants are needed to replace many missing teeth, and more than one implant is required. No need to place all the implants in one procedure. The presence of one implant prevents further bone loss which makes placing more implants easier.


– Sometime we like to hang on to our teeth for as long as possible, which is a good idea. However when teeth have poor prognosis, you can start placing implants for the teeth that you lose before waiting for more teeth to be removed. Once again this helps preserve bone ad gives you more time to pay for the procedure to end up with more than one implant supporting your teeth.



– In a case when there are no teeth remaining, you can start by having two implants to support a removable denture. You can add more implants at your own pace, and eventually you can end up with a set of teeth supported by implants, that are not removable.


If you need implants don’t be overwhelmed by price and the fact that you need more implants and you are expecting more to come.

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