I have always had good teeth, no need to visit the dentist……what happens?

Many reasons make people not stick to a regular dental visit. many people don’t agree they should have their teeth checked even if they have no pain. Many people know they should make the effort, but there is always something in the way, like kids, work, holiday time ,,,etc.

If for one reason or another you don’t visit the dentist regularly, What will happen?

– Decay in teeth usually starts without causing any pain. Sometimes it might cause some thermal sensitivity. If you end up with pain in your tooth, chances are the tooth is beyond repair with “Just a filling“. A symptomatic tooth most of the time requires root canal treatment, or extraction.

– the consequences of such treatment are expensive, so while you think you have been avoiding unnecessary dental fees on check up and clean, what you have been doing is accumulating them over the years to pay them all at once for an expensive treatment. Not only that but such treatment is far more invasive and uncomfortable rather than “just a filling”.

– with routine check ups, we can diagnose dental decay even before causing any pain. The treatment will probably be “Just a filling”.


– When you visit the dentist, we examine your gums as well as your teeth. Healthy gums mean healthy bone. Bone is where your teeth are imbedded. If the bone gets week, then your teeth will get week. Many people lose their teeth to gum disease.

– Gum disease is rarely acute. Which means you probably will never feel any pain. Gum disease is mostly chronic. It creeps up on you, and one day, you will feel your teeth are getting loose.

– Treating advanced gum disease is very difficult. Most of the time it involves maintenance procedure rather than “treating and back to normal”.


– so if you have no pain and you don’t visit the dentist regularly, chances are you will end up with dentures.



You need to think of us Dentists as service providers that maintain your teeth and oral health. Be interactive, not reactive with us.

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