Hicaps and health funds

Making the most of your health fund membership is advisable. One way of doing that is claiming your benefits towards your dental treatment.

Health funds pay towards your dental treatment in different amounts depending on your cover type and the health fund.

What we recommend to do to make the most of your health fund:

1- Inquire with your health fund about dental check up and clean. Most health funds pay towards these treatments twice a year. Make sure this is the case and don’t miss out on your 6 monthly check and clean, you are already paying for it. However there might be a small gap to pay, especially if x-rays are needed.

2- When you need a treatment, we provide you with a plan that includes item number(s) for the required procedure(s). Talk to your health fund and give them the item numbers needed. This way, you will have a clear idea about what to expect.

3- using HICAPS system makes it easier for you to claim your benefit on spot. To use it, we swipe your membership card on the eftpos machine. This way, we claim your benefit for you, and you only have to pay the gap. No need to talk to your health fund.

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