Help your child overcome fear of the dentist

Going The dental surgery as not a very welcoming atmosphere despite all our efforts to make it improve this, visiting the dentist remains a scary experience for the child. We recommend teaching your child the right steps to good oral hygiene to help overcome the fear of the dentist.

Start with yourself

2012 study published in the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry found out thatparents who dread visiting the dentist should keep their anxiety to themselves to avoid passing their fear on to their children. 

It is important to involve parents, especially fathers, in dental care. The parent should set an example for children by visitng the dentist and showing no fear.

Start the care at home

Healthy teeth and gums require less intervention from the dentist. Make sure to encourage proper oral hygiene practice, thus helping your child avoid traumatic experiences at the dental surgery. That way when your child comes in for the regular checkups, things will go smoothly.

Start encouraging good oral hygiene early. You can start cleaning teeth with a cloth. Later on try to introduce brushing slowly. Then take your child to the dentist as early as two years old, to get used to the atmosphere.

Communication is key 

Talk to your child about visiting the dentist. A good approach is to read children stories about their beloved cartoon or comic characters visiting the dentist. makes them feel it is the right thing to do.

You can interest your child in brushing by adding music to the experience.

Use brushes that are designed for kids with suitable drawings and colours.

Use toothpaste made for children, having the right concentration of fluoride and more desirable tastes for kids.

Get your older child to help the younger sibling and set a good example.

Avoid talking about dental pain, and don’t threaten bad behaviour with a visit to the dentist to get a needle.


Overcoming the fear of the dentists starts at home. Make sure you give your child the right start.

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