Flossing, why, why not!

You probably keep hearing it from your dentist, that you need to floss between your teeth. But let us be honest, how many people actually floss!!!

What does flossing do?

When you floss, you are physically removing a thin film of bacteria that adheres to your tooth surface. This thin film of bacteria is the very beginning of tooth decay and gum problems.

Is it important?

Flossing is a procedure of cleaning between teeth. Brushing your teeth only, means you are missing two surfaces of each tooth, as your brush will not clean the side surfaces of teeth. Here comes the importance of flossing.

Does everyone need to do it?

In theory yes. However, studies showed that the benefits in reducing the incidence of tooth decay have not been established. The most important thing here is access. Our thoughts are, if you can reach your back teeth with a floss, do it. However, if you find it hard, there are alternatives, like water floss, or picksters.

Having said that, flossing between your front teeth is easy enough o do, and the advantages of that in reducing the frequency in calcus build up cannot be denied.


Floss between your front teeth to prevent calculus build up. If you can reach your back teeth as well, do it, if not, use a picksters or water floss to floss between your back teeth.

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