Q? Why should I choose Niagara Park Dental?

A. Because we focus on our dentistry before focusing on running a business. We treat everyone’s teeth as if they were ours.

Q? Does Niagara Park Dental offer any payment plans?

A. We can help you out with your payments. We do not offer plans but we can direct you to third party creditors, who are happy to settle your invoices and charge you in installments.

Q? Which health funds are accepted at Niagara Park Dental?

A. Members of all health funds are welcome. WE claim your benefit on spot with the HICAPS system.

Q? Does Niagara park Dental bulk bill?

A. Bulk billing is not an option as Medicare doesn’t cover dental work. However we do bulk bill children that are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Q? Why do dentists recommend x-rays with their check ups?

A. Dental decay in its very first stages is not painful. When the decay starts between your teeth, x-rays can pick it up before causing any pain. In such cases treatment if much easier than when they get big enough to break the side of your tooth

Q? Is the procedure for placing an implant painful?

A. No. placing a dental implant is not more painful than having a filing or having a tooth out. Some pain is expected after the surgery which can be easily managed.

Q? Can you help me in case of an emergency?

A. If things happen and you are caught up with dental pain, call us and we will try our best to see you on the day.

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