Essential Vitamins and minerals for a healthy smile

Eating healthy is important for healthy body. Eating healthy also affects your smile. Your dental health can be affected by what you eat, and can deteriorate with time.

Here are some hints on what to eat for a healthier teeth, gums, and healthier smile.


Essential Vitamins And Minerals


There is a calcium circulation in our bodies. It is stored in bones and teeth. If you don’t get enough calcium, your body might get his requirement from these reserves, weakening your bones, causing gum disease and tooth loss.


The first symptoms of iron deficiency might manifest in the mouth. causing lip cracking, tongue inflammation, and sore mouth. so make sure to eat red meat to get the iron you need.

-Vitamin A:

It is important for your salivary glands to function. Saliva washes the teeth getting rid of plaque, so any deficiency in vitamin A, might mean reducing salivation, leaving your teeth exposed to plaque and germs. You can get Vitamin A via Potatoes, Melons, and Spinach.

-Vitamin B:

Required for the nervous system. lacking Vitamin B3 can cause bad breath and canker sores. You can get it in Fish and Chicken.

-Vitamin C:

Helps build up of Collagen fibers all over the body, hence it is important for healthy gums. It is also important for the immune system. Lower immune system might mean lots of decay. You can get it in citrus fruit and capsicum.

-Vitamin D:

Regulates calcium levels and works on your bones and teeth. Lack of vitamin D means, you are not absorbing calcium. deficiency in vitamin D can cause burning mouth syndrome, causing bad breath and metallic taste. You can get vitamin D from eggs, milk, and fish.


Just like it is important for the general health, watching your diet is important for the oral health as well.

Tell us what is your favourite fruit? can you suggest other sources for these vitamins?

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