Dental health and teenagers

Dental care routines are very important regardless of age. This article focuses on teenagers for two main reasons:

1- Dental decay is considered to be a disease of adolescence, with teeth having a higher chance of decaying during our teenage spill.

2- Oral health is neglected the most during these times. When the person is too busy in daily life, lots to do. Between socializing, playing sports, studying, and …. this all might make the adolescent neglect his/her oral health.

Looking after the oral health and teeth in this period is very important because ill health could destroy a smile and break the teenager’s long-term confidence, especially in social situations.

smiling teenagers

Points to remember:

1- Encourage your teenage daughter/son for a better oral health by attributing nice teeth to nice smiles, and better social life.

2- Their diet should be rich in nutrients that will build their healthy smile, The diet should be rich in vitamins. It also means consuming moderate amounts of sweet food to avoid the development of any dental cavities and other gum problems.

3- Hormonal changes can aggravate any gum conditions, so extra care must be carried out.

4- Discourage bad habits like smoking.

5- Encourage your teenage child to use sports mouth guard when playing sports.

6- Keep your 6 monthly dental check ups and cleans to treat any issue as soon as it arises.



Teenagers are more threatened by dental problems. Simple preventive procedures can help maintain a healthy and nice smile, that will reflect on the persons ego and confidence.

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