Dental Emergency kit

Chances are you have an emergency kit at home, or even in the car. But have does that kit help you in a dental emergency?

This can be a loose crown, fractured tooth, or even a toothache. Make sure you are prepared for such emergency, because they do happen.


What to include in your emergency kit for dental emergencies?

– Pain killers: The strongest pain killer you can grab over the counter. Do not use prescription medication from a previous incident.

Nurofen is a good choice, or Panadol Extra.

– Wax, this can be handy to cover an exposed wire with braces, or with dentures.

– Floss, and picks: can be used to dislodge a foreign object lodged between the teeth. Chances are you or someone with you will use their teeth to open a bottle, or something else, so a foreign body lodged between the teeth is not strange to be prepared for.

– SOS Dentobox: this medication is the best medium to pout an avulsed tooth in.

– Tea bags: Those can be sued to stop bleeding and they have a soothing effect on inflammation.

Tea bags containing tea from the plant camellia sinensis is better than herbal tea for this purpose.


– Dental mirror: this can be a handy tool to have a look inside someone’s mouth.

– Topical anesthesia: grab a cream of anesthesia from your local chemist. C an give relief from any sore spot.

– Salt, or saline: can be used for rinsing the mouth in case of a wound or trauma. If you cannot grab saline then some salt, just add it to water when needed.


Be prepared for dental emergencies. This can be easy and saves you lots of trouble later.


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