Dental Care Secrets Many People Don’t Know

Looking after your teeth involves simple procedures that everyone has heard of, brush twice a day and floss. And keep your 6 monthly dental check ups.

However there are other things you can do for a better oral hygiene:

Food and oral hygiene:

Pomegranates: They have an antioxidant that hinders the ability of dental plaque to stick to tooth surface.

Calcium and phosphorus sources: Calcium and Phosphorus protect the enamel of the tooth and make it stronger. You can get these from cheeses, meats, nuts, and milk.

Fruits and Vegetables. Other than the effect of vitamins and fibers they contain, fruits rich in fluid content like apples and melons help wash your teeth and act as neutralizing medium against the acidity in other vegetables like citrus fruits and tomatoes and produced by the dental plaque and causes cavities.

Chewing gum. Gum helps dislodge food particles, and induce salivation which washes your teeth and neutralize acidity. Xylitol gum also helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface.

Daily Dental Practices Not Popular: 

– Mouth wash: the use of mouth wash can be the difference between healthy gums and ill gums and teeth. There are many types of mouth washes. Talk to us to find out which one suites you better.

– brush the back of your teeth: It is not as simple as it sounds, but happens quite often that people tend to scrub what they see only.

– Tooth Mousse: A product that works with your saliva enhancing the Enamel of your tooth.

– Use of tooth picks with a  brush on the tip. These can clean between teeth even better than flossing, because sometimes the side surface of a tooth is concave which can be missed by a floss, but the tooth pick with a brush can clean the surface.

– Use of electric tooth brushes. Electric tooth brushes have come a long way and they are strongly recommended over manual ordinary ones.

– Chew leaves, like mint, lettuce. These tend to neutralize any acids and clean the plaque off.


Watch what you eat, and try to improve your dental hygiene habits with these easy tips.

Do you have any tips and secrets you would like to share with us?

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