Cosmetic Dentistry

At Niagara Park Dental we consider every procedure to be cosmetic. However the term Cosmetic Dentistry usually refers to the procedures where the ultimate purpose is to improve appearance. These include:

1- Whitening: teeth whitening can be done either on the chair or by a take home procedure. Teeth can get darker after getting a trauma or after receiving root canal treatment. Once a tooth gets darker after receiving root canal treatment, the procedure of choice to make it whiter can be internal bleaching.

2- Veneers: these can be used to make teeth whiter, or to close gaps, or even to align crocked teeth.

3- Implants; Implanst are used to replace missing teeth. They are usually used to restore function. However when we replace a missing front tooth, appearance is definitely improved.


4- Orthodontics: crocked teeth don’t look optimal. They appearance in such case can be improved using aligners.

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