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Dental Implants central coast, more details about parts

Replacing a tooth with an implant involves many visits and the patient feels the dentist keeps changing pieces, so what exactly is the dentist placing? What are the parts that comprise an implanted tooth?  

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Why choose removable

A woman with dentures biting an apple

The concept of an overdenture means you will still have a removable denture. Why not do something fixed?

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Bone graft

Nowadays, we, dentists discuss the option of having bone grafts more than ever. People ask, why do I need the graft? where is the graft coming from? and how does it help?

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Taking care of your dental implants

Tips For Caring For Your Dental Implants –Toothbrushing. Usual toothbrushing applies. It is recommended that you brush twice a day but it is even more beneficial to brush after every meal if that is possible. –Flossing. Using a water floss or picksters to clean around implants. Flossing is able to clean around the dental implants. […]

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Dental implants and antibiotics.

So you decided to go ahead an have a dental implant. Dental implants are used for many scenarios, and in all of these scenarios antibiotics may play a role to ensure good healing.

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Wait for it. It is worth it.

An important consideration when placing an implant, is timing. When should an implant be placed in the jaw bone? how soon can you get your smile back? There are different situations, that affect the timeline for placing an implant.

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