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Neck of the tooth does matter

The neck of the tooth, is the part closest to the gum. It is also referred to as the cervical third. Any change in the color and the texture in the cervical third of the tooth means there is an actual lesion. What are the causes of these lesion, is it only about caries?!

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Midline space

Sometime teeth do not end up with any contact between them, when this happens between op front teeth it is called midline diastema. We are talking about the cases where such space is not created by decay or tooth loss. The cause for this space is general what is called a freenum (pronounced “free – […]

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Dental Emergency kit

Chances are you have an emergency kit at home, or even in the car. But have does that kit help you in a dental emergency? This can be a loose crown, fractured tooth, or even a toothache. Make sure you are prepared for such emergency, because they do happen.

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Dental health and teenagers

Dental care routines are very important regardless of age. This article focuses on teenagers for two main reasons: 1- Dental decay is considered to be a disease of adolescence, with teeth having a higher chance of decaying during our teenage spill. 2- Oral health is neglected the most during these times. When the person is […]

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Avulsed tooth, where to put it?

Prevention is better than cure. This is very well know adage, it is very important in dentistry. Every chipped tooth is damaged forever.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Niagara Park Dental we consider every procedure to be cosmetic. However the term Cosmetic Dentistry usually refers to the procedures where the ultimate purpose is to improve appearance. These include: 1- Whitening: teeth whitening can be done either on the chair or by a take home procedure. Teeth can get darker after getting a […]

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