Brushing before bedtime.

It is always recommended that you brush your teeth at bed time.

but why is that important? what are the benefits?


1- Remove the dental plaque build up. During the day as we consume food. bacteria use whatever it can get hold of to stick to our teeth forming a layer known as dental plaque, and that is the very beginning of tooth decay.
when you brush last thing in the day, you are removing the dental plaque that formed during the day.

also whatever you place in your mouth (sometime might not be food, like a pen) will introduce germs into your mouth. This can be a whole new species not present in your mouth, so brush it off before it colonizes your mouth.

2- Dental plaque does form over tooth surface even without eating or drinking. However if you brush your teeth, you make your teeth surface smoother, less acceptable to dental plaque build up.

3- reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. it is impossible to eliminate the bacteria from your mouth, and it is called normal flora. but by brushing, you are keeping their numbers in check. If their numbers increase that can be the trigger for tooth decay or gum problems.

4- Awaken to a fresh mouth.

This all makes sense but it doesn’t quite show the significance of bed time brushing. so why is it important at that time!
The answer in one word: saliva.
Saliva is an important defence mechanism. It washes our teeth, removing bacteria, even killing some, as it contains antibodies. Saliva also lowers the acidity, protecting teeth from wear, it also makes teeth less acceptable to dental plaque formation. When we sleep, we lose that defence mechanism, as the amount of saliva we produce while sleeping is almost zero compared to what we produce while awake. so if we lose our defence, we need to make sure we reduce the attack before going to bed.

Brushing and flossing at bed time is important because we don’t have as much saliva while sleeping.

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