Bone graft

Nowadays, we, dentists discuss the option of having bone grafts more than ever. People ask, why do I need the graft? where is the graft coming from? and how does it help?

In the past, when a tooth needed to be pulled out, the dentist will just numb the tooth and take it out. Tooth extraction will be followed by bone loss.

Bone lost will never grow back. The bone that is lost is important:

1- If you need to place an implant, you need bone> The better quality and quantity of bone, the easier, cheaper, and better the procedure will be.

2- If you decide to use a denture to replace your tooth, it is better to have more bone under the denture, as this will make it more comfortable.

3- If you decide not to replace the tooth, having healthier bone means protection for adjacent teeth.

Where does it come from?

At the moment, there are two main sources of bone grafts:

1- From animals, usually cows, or pigs.

2- Human. from human donors


If you need to have a tooth taken out, it is worth considering have a bone graft.

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