Avulsed tooth, where to put it?

Prevention is better than cure. This is very well know adage, it is very important in dentistry. Every chipped tooth is damaged forever.

How about a tooth that completely gets knocked out of its socket!

How to prevent such injury:

– these kind of injuries are most associated with sports. If you play sports, make sure to use a mouthguard. Talk to us to fabricate a guard for you. Don’t go cheap with mouthguards, you will get what you pay for.

– Seizures. people who have a condition that puts them under the risk of seizures, they better consider having a mouthguard.

– Undergoing orthodontic treatment. Especially to fix an increased overjet.


In this article I will not go into details on what to do when such event happens. But I want to focus on “where to put the avulsed tooth“.

It has been well accepted that best place, in order of prefernce:

1- Back in the socket.

2- In the person’s mouth

3- in Milk

4- in Saline

The first two options are not very realistic all the time, as a person that has gone through physical trauma is not likely to cooperate for such intervention.

Milk has been shown to be a very good option, because it maintains the vitality of the cells stuck to the root of the tooth. Same goes for Saline.

However, studies showed that their effect on these cells is not long lived, and these cells do perish. The advantage of milk is availability.

A new product has been introduced in the market lately called SOS Dentobox.

The advantages of Dentobox; over milk is that it reduces the death of cells by up to 50%. However the disadvantage is availabilty.



If you play sports, or have a condition that makes you subject to dental trauma, make sure you have SOS Dentobox available at you convenient place – home, gymnasium, school.

Talk to your school, gym admin and recommend to them to get a hold of this product.

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