Diabetes and tooth loss

Having diabetes doubles the risk of tooth loss, according to new research.

It has long been established that diabetes increases the risk of tooth decay, but this is the first study to examine the extent of the effect.

Diabetes and tooth loss

Over time, prolonged exposure to high blood glucose levels can cause significant damage to the teeth and gums. This is because bacteria feeds on glucose, so it will thrive wherever glucose is prevalent. The generally higher levels of glucose in people with diabetes makes them more susceptible to a range of bacterial infections, including tooth decay.

To prevent tooth decay, people with diabetes should clean their teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and regularly visit the dentist. Like most complications of diabetes, maintaining careful blood glucose levels and following a healthy diet can reduce the risk of tooth decay.



Diabetes is a challenging condition. Make sure to maintain a good oral health regime and visit us regularly to check your dental and oral health

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