Monthly archives for May, 2016

Midline space

Sometime teeth do not end up with any contact between them, when this happens between op front teeth it is called midline diastema. We are talking about the cases where such space is not created by decay or tooth loss. The cause for this space is general what is called a freenum (pronounced “free – […]

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They are only baby teeth!!

When parents say: “They are only baby teeth, they are going to fall out anyway” they have the wrong impression. The child’s dental visit sets the tone for lifelong dental health.

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Overdenture implants

One of the easiest way and most comfortable to have a stable lower denture is by using overdentures. With this treatment, the overdenture rests directly on your gums and is retained by implants placed into your jaw. The overdenture, which is removable, is secured to your implants through retentive attachments incorporated into the denture. Implant-retained tissue […]

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