Monthly archives for September, 2015

Dental health and teenagers

Dental care routines are very important regardless of age. This article focuses on teenagers for two main reasons: 1- Dental decay is considered to be a disease of adolescence, with teeth having a higher chance of decaying during our teenage spill. 2- Oral health is neglected the most during these times. When the person is […]

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Placing an Implant, the steps

Implants are one of the options to replace a missing tooth or a number of teeth. This article summerises the steps involved in replacing a single missing tooth with an implant.   Step 1: Diagnosis, taking records, like photographs, radiographs, and study models. These records guide us for the coming surgery. It might show the […]

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The tooth structure

The tooth is a vital tissue. It is more than what you see in your mouth. It even has a nerve inside of it. Teeth also respond to their ambiance, and they change structure with time. This article shows the structure of a tooth.

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