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No more cracked teeth – Fiber Reinforced Composite For Dentine Replacement

Fiber Reinforced Composite For Dentine Replacement One of the problems that can face the dentist and the patient is the cracked teeth. Cracks are usually not easy to see.

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Baby Teeth, When and Why?

Baby teeth, why? And when? The development of primary teeth starts before birth, in the second trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes a newborn can have a tooth as early as birth. The time frame for tooth eruption is an average, there will always be some discrepancy. This fact underscores the importance of regular check ups and x-rays […]

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Causes for bleeding gums

While brushing, have you ever noticed a bit of blood on your toothbrush and wondered about the cause? Everyone’s gums bleed at some point in their lives for a variety of reasons, but the sight of a little red while you brush can still be unnerving. Gums, or gingiva, are the pink tissue that cover your […]

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